Odity International is rapidly growing Recruitment Agency of Bangladesh, having loyalty as the strength, no wonder why we have best track record of recurring clients. Our Recruitment Agency is the one from Bangladesh that has a long solid record of creating value for our customers applying a comprehensive expertise across a wide range of businesses around the Overseas. We demonstrate our overseas employment expertise and commitment through recruitment process.

We have corroborate multi-discipline approach with the formation of dedicated recruitment teams, focused on specific staffing categories, counseling candidates for their new job and optimizing resources to meet the recruitment timeline.!

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Why We Are?

The Easy Choice For Complex Decision

We Offer:

Our dedicated recruitment specialist works closely with our customer to make sure that we understand the company needs and technical details of any new task, and how these should mold our strategy and mode of delivery. We conceive a bigger picture by considering potency of a candidate to fit within the cultural climate of the client’s organization.
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We Provide Manpower Services Officially Since 2007

Odity International is committed to provide personalized end to end services to its clients, resulting in mutual beneficial outcomes without compromising our professional and ethical standards. We take every recruitment category as a challenge and understands the importance that how our negligence can cause a big loss. We identify recruitment needs in every area, explore the importance of the specific professional and provide tangible solution